Frequently asked questions

Do you also offer a storytelling training program delivered via telepresence?

Yes, we do offer online group sessions in addition to individual sessions. We use any video tools, live or pre-recorded for groups and 1:1

Do you offer in-person workshops at different locations?

Yes, we can travel to anywhere in the world. We deliver online and in-person workshops and 1:1 trainings.

Can you help for road shows fundraising?

Yes, since the structure and the fundamentals apply to any type of idea-pitching

Do you speak at events? What are your requirements?

Yes, we speak at events. We usually do a mix of speaking fees and books purchase. Please be in touch to discuss the details.

What kind of private consulting do you offer?

- Design and deliver better product pitch decks to the C-level executives - Deliver a compelling story for non-English native speakers - Improve a specific message - Craft presentations, kick starter and fundraising scripts - Prep you for conferences talks - Be featured in the media - Position your company’s story

Do you offer closed storytelling workshop for a team of 10 people?

Yes, we do offer small groups and in-person large seminars up to a 100 people.

How long do workshops take?

Workshops last 3 hours to 2 days. Shorter talks can be arranged from 20 min to 45 min.

How far in advance would we book the workshop?

Workshop can be booked at a minimum of 2-3 weeks in advance. For 1:1 sessions, at a minimum of 1 week in advance. For urgent requests please be in touch.

Do you provide feedback on a pre-recorded pitch video ? How long will it take to get the feedback?

Yes, we do provide constructive feedback on 5 min pre-recorded pitches. We recommend a pitch or a message to be at least a minute to 10 minutes-length. It takes 24h to 48hrs if pre-agreed, for you to receive the feedback with the main pointers and examples to work on.

Do you have any storytelling workshops scheduled ?

Please be in touch if you have any interest in your area.

Can you also offer writing and idea creation workshops?

Yes, we do offer these workshops too.

Can you tell me about your pitch process?

We usually conduct an assessment or audit of your pitch, review your goals together and steps to help you get there. We follow this approach that is in the One Perfect Pitch book (that we recommend you take a look at before we start the session). 1. How to structure a story 2. How to tell a story through selecting key information and body language application 3. Tons of practice

Can you tell me more about your method to improve?

We focus on helping professionals tell a story to generate action. Our method is a mix of didactic and hands-on practice, adapted to your existing knowledge, location and team goals.

Nail Your Story

1:1 pitch critique to identify the highlights of your story