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What others HAVE SAID

Battlefield Editor TechCrunch

As part of my job, I work with numerous startup companies on crafting their stories for on-stage presentations. I attended Marie's workshop to learn how another practitioner coaches and critiques presentations. Marie cleanly broke the presentation up into digestible sections that helped founders easily to put information in a logical order. Samantha O'Keefe, Battlefield Editor TechCrunch

2-Factor authentication CEO

Here's my pitch of "One Perfect Pitch": Marie is a great listener, with writing and communication skills. She will first hear your pitch, ask some clarification questions, and then assist you in turning it into a compelling story for the targeted audience. With Marie's help, you'll soon own your new pitch. Didier Perrot, InWebo Technologies CEO

Lonely Planet

Marie has been helping us to prepare and improve our pitch while we were participating in 500 Startups. She has excellent storytelling skills that help a lot to complement the metric-focused point of view that most of the valley advisors and mentors are using for pitch prep. Ariel Camus, Co-founder & CEO at TouristEye (sold to Lonely Planet)

Venture capital

Marie was a guest at our "Startup Karaoke Event" where entrepreneurs step up to the podium to pitch their ideas and get feedback from the audience. Marie was an instant hit at the event, her feedback to the entrepreneurs was right on the money and very well received. Not afraid to say it as she sees it but able to deliver super constructive corrective comments. Varouzhan Ebrahimian, CEO and President at Sunbridge USA

Newspaper editor and writer

As a writer I often have to present story and book ideas. Attending the One Perfect Pitch workshop was both incredibly fun and useful. I learned to use emotional triggers to connect with a live audience, which steps I could take to present my projects more distinctly. From creative storytelling exercises (involving Cinderella and the Silicon Valley) to (alcohol free) cocktail games, Marie Perruchet managed to help us with precise techniques and a good sense of humor. Guillemette Faure


The skills taught by One Perfect Pitch workshops are actually crucial to anyone who wishes to have an impact by making convincing statements. One leaves the room with both general rules of thumb in mind, and individual takeaways based on one's own strengths and weaknesses as a storyteller. I recommend this workshop to any entrepreneur, geek with a vision, or people who wish to have more impact in a conference room. Thibault Ortiz, PariSoma Project Manager, San Francisco

Food startup

Marie's got a wonderful knack for pinpointing an entrepreneur's presentation strengths and weaknesses. Storytelling is second nature for her, and it's a treat to have her share that perspective! Tracy Lawrence, Chewse CEO

Payment startup

Marie helped us with our demo day pitch. She helped us refine our pitch, presentation skills ,body language , timing and energy which helped us to kill it on stage ;). Would highly recommend her to anyone with regard to pitching! Kevin William David, CEO at WalletKit, Inc.

Consumer products startups

Marie helped me with my 500 Startups pitch. She tells it like it is (which is what you need in a pitch-coach.) She's able to talk about the big-picture, details, slides, body language and vocal tone. Natalie Gordon, Founder at BabyList

Gaming startup

I really appreciated Marie's creativity and ability to give ideas much more different than the ones other mentors or colleagues had given us before. I'd bet that her diverse background and experience helps a lot on this. She should definitely keep helping technological startups in this way, as I think she brings a very different point of view due to her background. José Ignacio Fernández, PhD, Traity Founder & CTO

Audience engagement startup

Marie helped us to tune in our pitch. Her advises guided us from a good script to a compelling story. She saw that we were only focusing on the numbers and not really engaging with the audience. What she did was to talk us through our own story and from there build a tale about our product. In the end, that was our pitch. Fabricio Nogueira, Buzeto CTO at Qual Canal