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@2020 One Perfect Pitch

"Perruchet’s method is effective in all environments, so you can focus on telling your unique business story and stand out—for all the right reasons.”

- Allen Miner, General Partner, SunBridge Ventures

“This book goes straight to the fundamentals and gives you the shortcut to your perfect pitch. It clearly describes every aspect and medium of the pitching process, with helpful suggestions on what to do. The simplest and most effective book I have ever read on the subject.”
―Paul Kim, CTO, Stanford Graduate School of Education
“One Perfect Pitch provides a wealth of knowledge on preparing and giving great presentations. Easy to read, well structured, with great insights and exercises for anyone wanting to develop or improve ‘the perfect pitch,’ this book is highly recommended for anyone wanting to master their presentation skills.”
―Alex Mendez, Founder and Director, Storm Ventures

One Perfect Pitch, how to sell your idea, your product, your business - or yourself

What is this book all about?

You always need to be selling yourself, pitching your partners or your clients to work with you, or pitching what makes your new business an exciting and worthwhile investment. 

In this book, Perruchet shares her proven methodology developed as a journalist in Europe, India, China and the US, and, as a pitch coach to Silicon Valley CEOs raising millions of dollars to fund their startup.

  • Step-by-step guide to pitching your idea or yourself

  • Practical exercises

  • Actionable advice you can use right away

What you can learn with One Perfect Pitch?

The book teaches true pitching techniques to sell your ideas.

The method is unique and tried on hundreds of entrepreneurs raising funding in Silicon Valley.  

For Entrepreneurs & Leaders

Tools that help them get the highest quality of pitching in front of investors


For Career pivoters

Strategies to share the most valuable knowledge to facilitate your next step


For Professional teams

Best practices implemented by field marketing, product and marketing teams. 


For Non-native English speakers

Best learnings on how to present with confidence


Storytelling: A Skill That Sells


Sincere Storytelling


Build Your Story


The One-Minute Pitch


Know your Audience


Pitch Perfect: Bring it all together


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