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Marie Perruchet

Author | Coach

Marie is the author of "One Perfect Pitch, how to sell your idea, your product, your business or yourself" published at McGraw-Hill.

Born in South Korea, she grew up in Normandy. Fascinated by the adventures found in her reading fairy tales, she embraced early on a career in journalism to go on her own adventures.

She started working in Brussels, for Radio France and then travelled to New Delhi and Shanghai, for major news publications (RFI, BBC World Service) as a Foreign Correspondent.

After the Beijing games in 2008, she moved to Silicon Valley and helped startup CEOs mine their stories. She coached founders and business executives, to pitch and raise +50M dollars in funding with Silicon Valley investors.

Why choose us

Positive energy. Passion. Perseverance.


+500 entrepreneurs coached in Silicon Valley. 

Motivational Stories

People want to act after an emotional story. Our dynamic approach will help provide outstanding results.

Life Stories

From Presidents to CEOs, from Asia to America, to Europe, to South America, my journalism training helped me discover what makes a universal story.

Problem Solving Stories

We created a proven framework to start your stories.

Success Stories

Helped raised +200 millions dollars in VC fundraising.

The Corporate History

We specialized in finding the important shifts in your company's story and turn them into brand storytelling.



“Un énorme merci pour votre aide et pour votre réactivité dans des conditions de timing difficiles ! C’est fantastique de pouvoir compter sur votre talent dans cette aventure.”

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Marc Andre Kamel

“Thank you! This was a fantastic session ! Learnt a lot about optimising our internal communication, but also about our company culture”

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Autodesk Marketing team

“Excellent content + facilitator. It was great to see so much audience participation, super cool that people gave examples”

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Autodesk Marketing team