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Storytelling and Pitch Coaching

The art of the pitch for entrepreneurs and leaders that will improve their business story and brand visibility

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Marie Perruchet Author and Coach

Marie Perruchet
Author | Coach

Succeed Through Storytelling

Marie Perruchet is a former BBC journalist who is now running her own executive coaching and communications business. She specializes in training executives and startup founders on how to pitch their ideas to difference audiences, such as C-suite, investors, etc.


Born in South Korea, she grew up in Normandy and lived in numerous countries around the world.

She gets her energy from competing at obstacle races, sparring at kickboxing and dancing salsa.

Pitch Coaching Fundamentals

We offer individualized coaching services to help you tell a compelling business story. We will help you identify your key differentiators, and what makes people relate to your own story, in support of your professional goals. 

Global Workshop
Global Workshop

Need help to take your team to the next communication level? We use a proven framework to give your employees the tools for presentation, writing and pitching success. We design and host workshops and seminars for people who are interested in developing or refreshing their own pitching and storytelling techniques.

Video Pitching
Nail Your Story in a 60-min consultation

Curious to see how you can be more engaging on video ? Want to check if your story clicks and if your remote teams are getting your messages across? We cater to each of our client's needs to help them achieve natural presence and inspire others to take action.


“One Perfect Pitch provides a wealth of knowledge on preparing and giving great presentations. Easy to read, well structured, with great insights and exercises for anyone wanting to develop or improve ‘the perfect pitch,’ this book is highly recommended for anyone wanting to master their presentation skills.”

Alex Mendez Founder and Director of Storm Ventures

Alex Mendez
Founder and Director
Storm Ventures

“One Perfect Pitch not only lays out the right content strategy for a pitch, but focuses on how to deliver that pitch in the most compelling way. As an investor, I’m looking for visionary founders and leaders, not just great tech. One Perfect Pitch is a fantastic resource that will guide an entrepreneur in communicating that vision.”

Maha Ibrahim General Partner at Canaan Partners

Maha Ibrahim

General Partner

Canaan Partners

“Worth its weight in gold, One Perfect Pitch is a personal mentorship from a Silicon Valley insider in how to pitch investors successfully. Essential reading for every entrepreneur seeking funding.”

Warren Bunny Weiss General Partner at Foundation Capital

Warren “Bunny” Weiss

General Partner

Foundation Capital

Create Your Perfect Pitch

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Here are the 3 tips to speak in front of 100+ eyes that will improve your pitch performance
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Create compelling content with Autodesk Redshift Editorial
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3 Tips Tips to Maximize Your Voice With Singer and Voice Coach

Nail Your Story

1:1 pitch critique to identify the highlights of your story

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